Shipping is underway and the response has been amazing.

All our orders have now been shipped from our distribution centre in Sydney, and we have been receiving messages every day from our customers, telling us how delighted they are with their Airpockets. Here are just a few:

My order arrived today and wow - I am so excited and happily planning what to pack into two Airpockets for our upcoming trip to South Africa. I think hubby is even more excited than me as he finally has something sensible to put all his travel bits and pieces in when he doesn't travel with me and my tote! Many thanks and congratulations on your courageous journey. Onwards and upwards!- Virginia P.
My Airpocket arrived. It's going to work tomorrow for its other role as a small briefcase – Bridget K.
The quality is absolutely amazing, the product presentation with the small details is immaculate and I'm in love with it and already thinking how when I go back to university it would be an awesome day bag for uni not just for travel! - Kirsty R.
The Airpocket has arrived and it's awesome! - Eric H.
This is the greatest travel product I have seen. - Judy L.
Love, love, love it! - Sally V.


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Trish & Tanya