Travel Goods Association 2016 Trade Show in Las Vegas

Airpocket debuted at the Travel Goods Association's 2016 International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas in March. Many months of planning, organising and designing culminated in three whirlwind days of networking, marketing and promoting Airpocket to retailers and distributors.

It was exhausting and exhilarating and SO much fun, and we learned a lot about the travel goods industry from people who have been part of it for a long time. There were hundreds of exhibitors, and we took the opportunity to check out some of the other products on display and chat with the creators, many of whom are just like us - first-time trade show attendees with a new product borne from necessity and crowdfunding!

We had many visitors to our booth, and the feedback they gave us on Airpocket was invaluable. We will never get tired of hearing people say "That's such a good idea!" and we heard that a lot during our three days at the Show.

One of our visitors was Dawn McCarthy, a Lifestyle Expert from Los Angeles who featured Airpocket during her show on the Las Vegas Fox 5 morning show:

Fingers crossed we will make it to the Show in 2017! And next time we might add a few extra days to our trip so we see a few more of the sights and lights of Las Vegas.

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Shipping is underway and the response has been amazing.

All our orders have now been shipped from our distribution centre in Sydney, and we have been receiving messages every day from our customers, telling us how delighted they are with their Airpockets. Here are just a few:

My order arrived today and wow - I am so excited and happily planning what to pack into two Airpockets for our upcoming trip to South Africa. I think hubby is even more excited than me as he finally has something sensible to put all his travel bits and pieces in when he doesn't travel with me and my tote! Many thanks and congratulations on your courageous journey. Onwards and upwards!- Virginia P.
My Airpocket arrived. It's going to work tomorrow for its other role as a small briefcase – Bridget K.
The quality is absolutely amazing, the product presentation with the small details is immaculate and I'm in love with it and already thinking how when I go back to university it would be an awesome day bag for uni not just for travel! - Kirsty R.
The Airpocket has arrived and it's awesome! - Eric H.
This is the greatest travel product I have seen. - Judy L.
Love, love, love it! - Sally V.


Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theairpocket for more feedback and photos from our happy customers.

Trish & Tanya

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Ready for take-off!

Exciting news! Our first shipment has arrived in Australia and is en route to our distribution warehouse in Sydney. We are almost at the end of a very long journey for Airpocket – from crazy idea to successful Kickstarter campaign, followed by product refinement and finally manufacturing. We now have loads of Airpockets ready to send to our Kickstarter backers, as well as all our online store customers.

We will continue to offer free shipping on all orders placed online between now and Friday, 12th February 2016.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who came on board while we were still at the departure gate! We have been cleared for take-off and will be on our way very soon (the airline puns write themselves around here).

Trish & Tanya
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Download & print your Christmas pack

If you have pre-ordered an Airpocket as a Christmas gift for the travel-bug in your life, we have created a downloadable Christmas Pack for you to print out and give to them.

It's best printed on A3 paper, as this will create a pack that is just the right size for a DL envelope. When printing, tick the box that says 'flip on the short side'.

Have a wonderful holiday and new year! And thank you again for supporting our new venture.

Warm regards,

Trish & Tanya

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Update on our manufacturing schedule

The manufacturing contract has been signed, our purchase order has been submitted and we are officially "in production." We have been advised that our order will be filled on January 20th.

 Now that we have this date confirmed we can lock in our freight partners. Hooray!

We have decided to do the packaging and shipping ourselves, from Canberra, as this will ensure quality control and consistency.

There are a few stages in the Airpocket’s journey from the factory to Canberra, which involves working with our international freight forwarder, Chinese and Australian customs officials.

As each stage is completed we will get a better idea of what the actual delivery date into Canberra will be, and we will update you along the way.

We estimate that we will commence shipping to you in the second week of February.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us a line at contact(at)


Trish & Tanya

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Slow but steady progress

If you are new to Airpocket - WELCOME ABOARD! We are thrilled to have your support for our new product and the launch of this new company.

We have had a set-back this week and as a result our manufacturing schedule has been adversely effected.  It is now unlikely that we will be able to receive our first shipment of Airpockets before Christmas. This is a frustrating delay, especially as we know that many of our Kickstarter backers, as well as those of you who have pre-ordered here on our store, had joined with Christmas gift-giving in mind. We are very sorry that this has happened.

The hold-up is our manufacturing contract. The contract is crucial not only on the production side, but also because it forms part of our international intellectual property protections. We cannot proceed without it.

If the contract had been resolved this week we would have been able to ship the Airpockets in December. Unfortunately this hasn't happened and the deadline for December deliveries has now passed.

The good news is that the negotiations are going well. It's slow because of the need for lawyers and translators, but it's progressing because everyone at the table is keen to get moving on production. We have a great relationship with our manufacturers and that continues, which is why we are optimistic of reaching a resolution soon.

We are going to create a downloadable, printable Christmas gift pack for you to pop under the tree or in a stocking so that your friend or family member knows all about Airpocket and this exciting but sometimes unpredictable adventure they've unwittingly been roped into. If you would like to receive this by email, please get in touch with us at

If you have pre-ordered your Airpocket, Travelbook and/or Amenities Case here in our online store and you would prefer a refund, please send an email to and we will arrange one for you.

We are genuinely grateful, as always, for the support and understanding of everyone who has taken a chance on us. We are still headed in the right direction and we know that when this flight finally takes off, you're going to love your Airpockets.


Trish & Tanya

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Update on our delivery schedule

We are working with our manufacturers to deliver the Airpocket to you as soon as possible. We are currently on track to deliver in November 2015 and if there are further delays we will update you via this page, or you can 'like' our facebook page to receive news.

We have made some significant improvements to the Airpocket and Travelbook since we launched the campaign. In August, Tanya and I traveled to China to meet with our manufacturers and make a few final decisions on materials and finishes, and we are very happy with the result. Our delivery schedule was pushed out by a few more weeks as a result, but we know that the extra time taken to get everything right will result in a better product for you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email (there's a link in the Contact section of this website).


Trish & Tanya

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Announcing the Airpocket Online Store

It started in 2011 with an idea on an airplane, then in 2015 it became a successful Kickstarter campaign, and today we are excited to bring you the Airpocket Online Store.

Airpocket is a brand new product and a brand new company, and we are working towards our first ever production run with delivery expected in October. In this period immediately post-Kickstarter we have been refining and improving the design and working with our manufacturer to create the best possible version of the Airpocket. Over the coming weeks we will update this page with news of major milestones and product development - stay tuned!

We know you are going to love your Airpocket and we can't wait to bring it to you.


Trish & Tanya.

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